Photography is a powerful medium that can capture the essence of a moment and tell a story through images. For me photography is a part of my life.

Like many, I started my journey in wedding photography back in 2010, but after the lapse of years (in 2017) I quit it, realizing that everything that could be achieved and done in this genre had already been achieved and we needed to move on.

In 2017, he organized and opened the largest photo studio in his native region. In 2018 he was accredited by FIFA for the FIFA World Cup.

In the same year, he entered the top 70 conceptual photographers in the world.

2019 - top 150 portrait photographers in the world according to 35awards.

2020 - winner of the international competition, top35 in Russia and the world in the genre of staged and conceptual photography.

2021 - Grand Prix of the international veubag competition. Top 50 Russian photographers, finalist of 35awards, top 35 conceptual and staged photographers in the world.

2022 - first, second and third place at the competition-exhibition "RUSSIAN ART WEEK" from the Eurasian Art Union and the Government of Moscow.

2023 - top100 best photographers of the world "Conceptual photography", top100 best photographers of the world "Staging photography", top100 best photographers of the world "Photo-project".

In addition, over the years he has participated in exhibitions in Europe and the USA.
My works are placed in galleries and auction houses in Denmark, Holland, England, USA.

I chose photography as my main genre, which can give something to the viewer, tell a story, make you think. These include portraits, staged photography, concept photography, and advertising photography. Everything where it is not enough just to press a button, but you also have to work with your head.

I enjoy working on photography in the same way that artists work on paintings. Developing, sketching, applying layer after layer until you get what you want. That is why, working with me, customers are confident in the quality and level of the result obtained.


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Maxim Chikhnyaev
commercial and art photographer / director / art producer
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